Watch Cerner Reporting Tools Webcast

Learn about Cerner reporting tools using the Cerner Command Language (CCL). This webcast was developed for beginner to intermediate level Cerner CCL report writers.

If you want to produce informative, custom Cerner reports that will revolutionize the way you use your Cerner data, this webcast will benefit you. You’ll learn how to dive deep into Cerner data using industry standard methods, which include:

  • The key tool to create CCL reports, Discern Visual Developer (DVDEV)
  • The application used to run CCL reports, Explorer Menu
  • An advanced tool used by business analysts to gain an in-depth knowledge of the Cerner system, Visual Explorer

Presenter Eric Southern has more than 13 years of Cerner reporting experience. View the webcast recording now to improve your understanding of the Cerner data environment.

Image: Cerner Reporting Tools Webcast

View the webcast recording now: