Saratoga Hospital Connects Smart Pumps to MEDITECH
Webinar: August 16, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. ET

In 2017, Saratoga Hospital was named a “most wired hospital” by Hospitals and Health Networks magazine. To quote the hospital’s CIO, John Mangona, “The ‘most wired’ designation tells our community that we continually seek new ways to put technology to work to benefit our patients.” In fact, part of the hospital’s mission and vision is to be a high-quality provider, known for timely acquisition of cutting-edge technology.

Integrating its smart pumps with MEDITECH definitely falls into the category of cutting-edge technology. Saratoga is one of only two hospitals in the world that have undertaken the project to date. This educational session will describe their journey in detail to help others profit from the experience. Topics to be covered:

  • What smart pump integration is
  • The reasons why Saratoga chose to do it
  • Who participated in the project, and the FTEs it required
  • How workflow was analyzed and improved
  • What testing entailed (much more than simply testing every IV drug)
  • End user training

It’s a complex project that involves Nursing, Pharmacy, IT, and your Biomedical Engineers. This session will have a heavy focus on Nursing, but Pharmacists and anyone interested in connecting your smart pumps to MEDITECH will benefit from attending.

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