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HBI Solutions

HBI Spotlight, a proven suite of risk management and analytics solutions, gives healthcare organizations the information they need to accurately predict outcomes to improve health. Our predictive risk modeling and methods of stratifying risk across diverse venues and populations give healthcare providers real-time insights that empower them to predict and act.

HBI Spotlight aggregates and analyzes a wide range of data types from public, private and client sources, including electronic health records, claims systems, billing systems, unstructured data, social determinants and multiomics. We apply proven machine learning methods to optimize risk insights, deploy custom algorithms and infuse those insights into any clinical workflow and any technology platform with open API technology.

Our suite of risk management solutions identifies high risk and rising risk for over 25 events and conditions, to support the most flexible and targeted risk reduction strategies.

Population Risk: Identifies individuals at risk for high cost or utilization; conditions like congestive heart failure, type 2 diabetes, hypertension; and events like suicide attempt, opioid overdose, stroke, heart attack and death.
Acute Risk: Surveils patients in real-time for length of stay, and events like sepsis and mortality during the encounter.
Transition Risk: Identifies individuals at risk for 30-day inpatient readmissions and 30-day emergency department returns for active encounters or recently discharged patients.
Quality and Performance Risk: Track, trend and improve quality and performance, close gaps in care or target specific performance measures

Our methods are published in peer reviewed journals; and we have over 40 million patients analyzed using Spotlight.

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