Optimize patient privacy monitoring with Haystack™ iS
Webinar: August 17, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. ET

It’s nearly impossible for privacy officers alone to investigate and pinpoint every truly suspicious activity. You need a monitoring solution that can proactively audit and analyze PHI access with artificial intelligence.

Haystack iS™ streamlines patient privacy monitoring by helping your privacy experts detect anomalous behavior before a breach occurs, and with customizable automation tools, allows your team to focus on more important tasks that can’t be automated.

Learn how Haystack™ iS helps healthcare organizations like yours:

  • Analyze every access to PHI
  • Automate tasks with our Advanced Virtual Assistant
  • Gain deeper insight through artificial intelligence
  • Remove false positives
  • Improve staff efficiency

Join us for a 30-minute demonstration of Haystack™ iS to learn how artificial intelligence can quickly spot suspicious activity that other systems commonly miss, and why automation is an important tool.

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