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Pieces Technologies

Pieces Decision Sciences (DS) is a cloud-based, back-end artificial intelligence solution that predicts patients at risk for adverse outcomes and excess hospital utilization. Pieces DS applies advanced technologies, using machine learning (ML) in conjunction with chart reviews by Pieces’ clinicians - clinical human augmentation - to ensure the highest accuracy in the predictive models. In addition to processing vast amounts of structured data, Pieces’ proprietary clinical natural language processing (NLP) technology surfaces insights from unstructured data such as free text progress notes and dictated notes. Pieces is able to find, interpret and use these critical “nuggets” that are otherwise lost from a traditional analytics perspective. Pieces DS activates the right care team member at the right time, and in the most efficient manner to maximize operational and clinical effectiveness.

Pieces Iris™ is a cloud-based referral, case management and dynamic information exchange platform that enables health systems to extend their network of care to community-based service organizations. Hospital social workers/case managers can refer, connect and share information with community social services organizations. Community organizations gain insight into health concerns and provider referrals that may affect the capacity/availability of services they provide. All users can track referral completion enabling seamless care coordination between the hospital and the broader community.

The Pieces solutions support the care team across the entire patient journey - in the health system and in the community. Continuous improvement learnings help organizations better understand: “Are we making a difference?”

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