Iatric Systems Podcast

Learn how St. Luke's Hospital integrated MEDITECH with ambulatory EHRs.

By listening, you'll learn how to:

  • Podcast 1: Share patient data across acute and ambulatory EHRs (3 minutes long)
  • Podcast 2: Stop orders from disappearing due to maturity date issues (3 minutes long)
  • Podcast 3: Save time by automating registration workflow (2.5 minutes long)
  • Podcast 4: Easily create complex bi-directional ADT interfaces (3 minutes long)
  • Podcast 5: Overcome physician concerns of using two information systems to access patient data (7 minutes long)
  • Podcast 6: Connect data records to ensure a successful patient match (3.5 minutes long)

For the entire 33-minute interview of Clark Averill, Director of IT, St. Luke’s Hospital, click here.