6.1 Reports Migration with Joe Cocuzzo
Webinar: Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 2:00 p.m. ET

Migrating to the 6.1 platform involves a complete re-write of any reports that will use data from M/AT modules. When a hospital converts to 6.1, you will need to write new reports with the “Report Designer” tool, or with SQL out of your Data Repository.

Joe Cocuzzo will discuss 6.1 reports migration approaches, strategies, and pitfalls including:

  • How to create your “must have” list of reports (and why the “make departments responsible for that list” strategy will fail)
  • When to use Report Designer vs. SQL
  • How to use SQL and SSRS (or other SQL reporting tools) to create, control, maintain and distribute reports
  • Why to consider more than “what we are running now” when you migrate to new and different applications

The tendency to leave reporting needs until the last minute (or even post-go-live!) is hard to resist. Attend this session to learn how to avoid falling into that trap. Be aware of the trend and try to minimize it, or at least be strategic about what you defer, decline to convert, or replace.

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