Secure Remote Access to Your Network
Webinar: February 20, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Access management was identified as the top threat to patient safety in 2019. This threat remains as more and more breaches are happening via remote access than ever before.

Ease of accessibility to your network for your employees and vendors is necessary, but it also opens you up to more risk. It’s time to take action to make sure remote access to your network is secure.

Join this webinar to see a demonstration of the remote access solution SecureRamp™, which makes remote access to your network more secure.

You’ll learn how, with SecureRamp, you can:

  • Provide third-party access through one secure portal
  • Block unsafe attempts to your network with multifactor authentication
  • Deny access for out-of-date privacy and business associate agreements
  • Check remote systems for proper security measures
  • Reduce the burden of network access management on your IT staff

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