Secure Vendor Remote Access Beyond COVID-19

Webinar: Secure Vendor Remote Access Beyond COVID-19
September 24, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. ET

COVID-19 forced many of your vendor organizations to quickly ramp up their remote workforces. Since the beginning of COVID-19, we’ve also seen an increase in breaches and ransomware attempts across the healthcare industry.

Working from home will likely be a lasting reality for many organizations, including your vendors. It’s time to properly consider a long-term remote access strategy for your vendor access to protect your patients data.

Join us for a demonstration webinar of our SecureRamp™ solution, and learn:

  • How to secure remote access for third-party vendors
  • Why there’s an increased urgency for multi-factor authentication during COVID-19
  • How to reduce malware and ransomware attacks
  • What steps to take for on-going remote access for now and in the future

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