Prepare for Downtime - From MAGIC TO EXPANSE We've Got Your Back

August 7, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. ET
An Iatric Systems Summer Camp Webinar

It’s vital for your organization to continue to provide quality patient care during downtimes as a result of routine updates to full migrations or even ransomware threats.  Empower your clinicians and case workers by giving them a web based solution to view lab results, visit history (including demographics, next of kin, insurance information), allergies, medication history, orders, to name a few.

In this 30 minute powercast, one of our Summer Camp Webinar Series, we’ll share how CareContinuity can continue to provide access to critical patient information, even during EHR or LAN downtime. 

If you are planning a migration to 6.x or Expanse, now is the time to put a solution in place before you migrate. You'll have seamless access to your information during the migration, and a successful plan in place for downtimes that are inevitable in these platforms.

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